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Smart Education Project ongoing, One School One Website

Your Donations will help buy domain for each School

School Management Software

* The School will get a private domain eg

* The Software will provide an E-Library where softcopy of reading and reference books will be store for Students to read and make reference to.

* The Software will provide Softcopy of Teaching and Learning Materials which will help the Teacher when preparing to teach.

* Our service will help Student make good use of the internet

* The Software will help the School to disburse information to their stakeholders with just a click of a button.

* Personal and Academic records of Student will be always available on the school website for Student to make reference to at anytime.

* True picture of student academic performance will be presented to parents.

* Terminal Report Filling and any other updates will be done by the School authorities. the School will control their own website more

We Develop and Design

* E-commerce Software with MoMo Pay

* High Purchase Software with MoMo Pay

* Web to Mobile Technology

* School Management Software

* Hospital Management Software

* Accounting Software Website

* Institution Management Software

* Online Banking Software

* Church Management Software

* Mosque Management Software

* Personal Management Software

* N G O Website

* Business Software

* MLM Software

* Fun Club Website

* Association Website

* Etc


Our Mission is to use Computer Software Technology to help solve problems in most of Our Daily Works.


Our Vision is to help make Ghana a Digitize Country, Africa will not be left out.


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